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David Liebman's "Intervals"
We are all suffering now-it is like a mass catharsis-the last time (and only time in my years) was JFK's assassination. After that we got harder-and this will happen here to all of us also-so it being the first really threatening and scary event to happen to all of you in your lifetime it is inevitable that it shakes you up, even if you didn't have someone connected directly to the tragedy. (If this was the case, then it is on another level from what I am explaining here and something I have no legitimacy commenting on. Ladies and gentlemen, life has been thrust upon you-jazz and music seem insignificant!!

With any major sad and distressing event, the psyche needs time to heal-it never will be what it was before but time DOES take care of all things-the only event close to this is loss of love and some of you may have already felt that or will.

It is natural that all the inspiration and energy is zapped at this point-but the good effect of tragedy in relation to artistic growth far outweighs the negative. For those who feel the depth of what has happened and can personalize it in some way, trying to figure out where they stand in relation to it, this will be a major growing experience-not something that you hear in the next solo you take today or tomorrow but in the long run. This is what is meant by character building and all the great past civilizations have addressed the issue of how to build character in the young since that is what the future will depend upon. In our country and increasingly in the developed world, this training has been sadly neglected. Unfortunately in life, it usually takes a tragedy to awaken or stir such deep feelings in many of us.

For those of you who are searching for meaning in this and how it will affect you don't look at the music now-maybe later...I mean much later!!!! Empathize with the suffering-think about what drives men to commit suicide and murder at the same time-and why there is so much hatred of something called a country, even beyond that directed towards an individual.

In my opinion this is a great opportunity for personal growth that will build character, ethics, principles and the like, which in the end is what one hears when they listen to a true artist play. It goes beyond the music to the heart of who we are and why we are here.

Meanwhile cats, play the blues-SLOW and EASY!!!!!!!!


David Liebman

Wed Oct 3 2001 (12:34:24 AM)